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To Our Dearest Clients and Friends,

Names matter. Changing your name usually signals a transformation, a move into something new. There’s a new chapter coming for this company—not in how we serve our clients, but in how we see ourselves—and that newness needs a name. (Let’s be honest, no one could ever spell “Umlauf” correctly, anyways.)

When we built this business, it was founded on a long-standing friendship that reaches as far back as our childhood, when we played high school soccer together. When it became clear it was time to reshape our company’s identity to better reflect how far we’ve come and where we want to go, we realized it was our shared history that rooted us. This sense of history was not just personal, but also built on our families’ legacies of strong female leaders and generations of giving back to our community.

By combining “Atwell” and “Ford,” we’re harkening back to the names on our soccer jerseys to become Atwell Ford Real Estate. Our new name taps into our roots, expressing how proud we are of our collective history, while also envisioning our company’s future as an extension of our families’ legacy. As Atwell Ford, we are dedicated to leading in the local real estate market and, more importantly, participating in the growth and vibrancy of our city.

At Atwell Ford, we will be embedded in this community and in the lives of the people who comprise it. We will approach real estate with our whole selves and see our clients as whole people as well, honoring their life transitions and viewing them as more than a home value or a price point. We are not constrained by outdated traditions of the real estate industry and instead pursue authenticity and equity in everything we do.

While our name is new, our commitment is not. As Atwell Ford, we confidently continue to provide the best service possible for you by marrying our real estate expertise and our love for this city. We want to earn your trust because the ups and downs of life are better when you walk through them with people you can rely on. Let’s do life—and real estate—together.

Abby Atwell & Bekah Ford Cooke